​Jolly Clean Giant Reviews & Testimonials

They were great, did my laundry quickly and with amazing care. Could not ask for more from them. I'm now a customer for life.

Came home to a broken dryer... loads of clean, wet clothes before our trip ! Looked online and found this laundromat . It's been years since I've been a public laundromat, always had a washer and dryer at home. This is actually a very nice clean place. Everything in working order...spacious and clean !!

First time I have ever been to a laundry mat. I live in a town home, and our laundry was out of service. So I loaded up my car and my child to head out to this place. I was so thankful they were open Christmas eve. Nobody was in there and they have free wifi. I was able to do 6 loads of laundry in about 1hour and 45minutes for under $20. Pretty good I think. Nice atmosphere. Its a cute little plaza too... you can go have a drink next door at the bar or shop around petco. :)