stack of folded laundry next to iron

​Wash & Dry Drop Off Laundry Service near Encinitas and Leucadia

Do you dream about not having to do laundry? We can make your dreams come true! Try Jolly Clean Giant's drop off laundry service. Our fluff and fold near Encinitas is available Monday-Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm. Simply drop off your laundry and our attendants will wash, dry, and neatly fold your laundry for you. If you would like your items to be hung, you can provide the hangers and we will hang your items for free or we provide the hangers and you will be charged $0.10 per hanger. Our wash and dry attendants have over 30 years of experience. If they can't get out a stain, it's unlikely it can be removed! Our wash and fold near Leucadia uses Tide, Gain, fragrance free versions of each, hypo allergenic detergent (various) and accept customer provided detergent as requested. Our wash dry combo is $1.80 lb. for our next day service or $1.95 lb. for same day service. Same day service orders must be in by 9:00am for 4:30pm pickup. There is a 20 lb. minimum for all orders. Your laundry will always be washed separate from other customer orders. We will separate lite and dark colors and match up all socks when we neatly fold and pack up your clean laundry.

Wash &
Fold (Next-Day)
Per Pound

**20 lb. Minimum Order

Wash &
Fold (Same-Day)
Per Pound

**20 lb. Minimum Order

Individually Priced Items

  • Comforter (Twin/Full) $16.00
  • Comforter (Queen/King) $24.00
  • Dog Bed (Small) $12.00
  • Dog Bed (Large) $24.00
  • Sleeping Bags $25.00
  • Rugs (Up to 5x7) $24.00
  • Rugs (Over 5 x7) $30.00

** Other items as quoted